Inverted Nipple

An average of 20% of women with inverted nipples are born with this condition, however Dr. Rifai’s procedure can ensure that you don’t have to continue living with inverted nipples. An inverted nipple procedure can restore a normal projection of the affected nipples, giving you a more natural, symmetrical look.

Areola Reduction – Breast Surgery

Dr. Rifai’s areola reduction procedure can address enlarged areolas that are typical after pregnancy and lactation. Smaller areolas can help you achieve a more attractive and balanced look, while boosting your self-image. 

Nipple Reduction Breast Surgery

If you feel uncomfortable with the size of your nipples under clothes or in the nude, or have suffered from irritation and chaffing, then nipple reduction is a simple solution. Dr. Rifai’s nipple reduction procedure is an easy and quick way to reduce the size of your nipples.